Boar Hunt

This event occurs whenever the PCs decide to pay a visit to the
Rusty Dragon to take up Aldern Foxglove’s invitation after they
saved him from certain “goblining.” If they don’t visit him,* he seeks*
them out 1d3 days after the goblin raid. Before he returns to his
townhouse in Magnimar in a few more days, he was hoping to go on
a boar hunt in nearby Tickwood, and would like to invite along the
PCs. If they decline the offer, he seems disappointed but covers it
quickly with a shrug. True to his word, he gives the PCs a reward of
50 gp for saving his life, then invites them to stop by his home in
Magnimar the next time they’re in town.

If the PCs agree to the boar hunt, Aldern claps his hands in
delight. Aldern gladly buys each PC his own mount from Goblin
Squash Stables, then eagerly leads the PCs and his three manservants (Roger, Mortimer, Darin)
west over Tanner’s Bridge and along the southern banks of the
Turandarok River.
It’s a two mile ride to the Tickwood Ford, just north of the
upthrust limestone escarpment known as the Devil’s Platter.
Despite its ominous name, Tickwood is actually a relatively safe
woodland, one well known to be the home of wild boars, deer, and
perhaps one or two firepelt cougars—no goblin tribes dwell within
its boundaries.

The ride to Tickwood takes about a half hour,
but you should take advantage of this time
to build up Aldern’s character. He’s a
charming conversationalist, well-read
and with a seemingly endless cache of
stories about the high life in Magnimar.
He’s more interested in the PCs,
though. Who are they? Where are they
from? How long have they been fighting
goblins? Do they have any harrowing tales
of their adventures? In particular, Aldern
should be particularly interested in the PC
he was taken with in their previous encounter.

Preferably, this should be an attractive female
character, in which case his attention should
seem like friendly flirting. If instead his attentions
are on a character who seemed particularly good
at fighting goblins, his attention should almost
seem like a desperate attempt to “learn how to be a
hero.” Play up his attention as friendly at first, but
by the time the PCs finish the hunt, they should
feel a little bit annoyed or disturbed at Aldern’s
seemingly growing obsession.

Oh really my dear i cant imagine some one possessing such striking beauty doing such amazing things.
*You truly are a rare beauty.

*You must come to visit me in Magnimar

I have such beautiful trifles that would glint so gorgeously around your neck
*Must get you into some fine clothes or maybe out of them. haha

The object of Aldern’s obsession is destined to
learn just how dangerous this man is during the
course of the next adventure. For now, just make
sure the PCs know who Aldern is and that they
know he seemed to be a little bit too eager to make
friends with one of them.

Feel free to make as much or as little of the
actual boar hunt as you wish. The boars of Tickwood
aren’t all that fierce—use stats for a dog
for the encounter, or simply describe the hunt
and the catch. Aldern invites them back to the
Rusty Dragon that evening, where he hands the
boar over to Ameiko to cook for a big dinner. You
can use this dinner to further build the doomed
noble’s obsession with his chosen PC as you see
fit. Of course, you can also use this dinner to
introduce the PCs to Ameiko, since she plays an important role
in the next part of this adventure.

Boar Hunt

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