Shopkeepers Daughter

Pick a PC, preferably one who fancies himself a ladies’ man or a popular
fellow. The combination of his good looks, fame, and heroic qualities
sends ripples through town, and now and then the PCs should
overhear rumors and whispers about this PC’s “availability.” The PC
should catch local young women giggling or blushing as he walks by,
and he might receive a few anonymous love letters or other minor
trinkets left as gifts at wherever he’s been staying the night.
At some point before these idle fancies have a chance to develop
into real relationships, one of Sandpoint’s most brazen citizens
makes her move. Daughter of the owner of the Sandpoint General
Store, Shayliss Vinder (CN female human commoner 1) is certainly
an attractive young woman, but it’s her older sister who’s
been in the gossip lately. Rumor holds that Katrine Vinder’s been
“shacking up” with one of the men who works at the lumber mill,
and her overly protective father’s been up in arms about it.

So when Shayliss bashfully approaches a PC, her claim that
her father has been too distracted with her sister’s private life
to keep up with the store’s pest problem should seem plausible.
Shayliss explains that the store has rats.* Why, just yesterday, she’s*
sure she saw one the size of a goblin hiding behind a barrel at the
far end of the basement. Her father doesn’t believe her, but she
knows he’s just more distracted by what Katrine might or might
not be up to at the lumber mill. And since there’s this handy new
hero in town, well, Shayliss just thought maybe said hero could
come back with her to kill a few rats in the store’s basement.

She stresses that there’s not many rats, certainly not enough to
warrant having more than one hero to take care of them. If other
PCs insist on coming along, she throws her hands up in the air in
disgust and says, “Never mind, I’ll take care of them some other
way” and walks off in a huff , hoping her hero comes with her alone
anyway. If he doesn’t she simply approaches him again when he’s
alone and repeats her request.

Of course, there are no dire rats in the general store basement.
Shayliss is, if anything, even more of a troubleseeker than her sister,
something that a DC 20 Gather Information or Knowledge (local)
check can warn a PC about. Any refusal to accompany Shayliss back
to the store must be handled delicately; without a successful Bluff
check or a DC 20 Diplomacy check, her infatuation with the PC
quickly turns into bitter hate, and she could become a recurring foil
as she spreads slanderous rumors about the PC and his friends.

Shayliss reveals her true intentions as soon as she has her chosen
PC alone in the basement of her father’s store;* her bodice comes off*
and she slides herself into an embrace as she tries to guide the PC
over to a convenient cot someone’s set up in the back of the room.
Whatever develops from this awkward interlude, Shayliss’
father Ven Vinder (LN male human commoner 7) is destined to
head down into the basement not long after Shayliss makes her
move. Allow both Shayliss and the PC a DC 15 Listen check to
hear her father coming down the stairs at the far end of the basement.
If neither notices his approach, they certainly will when he
finds them, roars in rage, and threatens the PC with his large and
meaty fists.

If the PC flees, Ven won’t follow, but neither will he allow the
PC or his friends to shop in his store any more. Being a well-liked
man in town, Ven’s displeasure with the PCs incurs a –2 penalty on
all Diplomacy and Gather Information checks made in town until
the PCs find some way to make things right with him.
A PC who tries to talk his way out of the situation can do so
with a successful Bluff check or a DC 20 Diplomacy check; success
with a roll 10 higher than the required DC indicates that the
character has not only extricated himself, but has done so in a
way that leaves no hard feelings with Shayliss, who might try to
seduce the PC again at a later date.

This encounter is not meant to be physically ruinous to the
PCs, but it can certainly head that way—Ven might be a commoner,
but he knows his way around a fi stfi ght. If the PC retaliates
with lethal force, Ven tries to fl ee with his daughter to call
the sheriff , at which point the PC’s reputation in town immediately
falls under scrutiny. If either Ven or Shayliss are killed, the
PC faces a murder charge, spends 1d3 days in jail, and is then sent
to Magnimar for trial.

Ad Hoc Experience Award: If the PCs manage to navigate this
delicate encounter without hurting anyone and without disrupting
Vinder’s family, award them a CR 2 experience award.

Shopkeepers Daughter

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